Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first Indian Wedding!!

Oh my goodness I've been dying to do wedding hair for an Indian wedding and I finally had the chance. The bride's name is Kavita and she comes from an incredible family of very strong and very funny women! Everything about this ceremony was so enriched in culture and tradition. The night before the ceremony which would normally be the rehearsal dinner all the women in the party come together and get henna done on their hands. The bride's is especially intricate and includes her groom's name hidden somewhere in the design.It's so beautiful! I've always wanted to get henna but I never want to come off as a fraud!! (hahaha)

The day of the wedding the family comes together and performs a ritual of prayer with music and dance.Then all of the women help the bride get dressed in her wedding sari. Western women have nothing on Indian women when it comes to finding a wedding dress! They fly all the way to India to pick the fabric and then have it made there! And we thought going through racks was work!! (haha) Anyway her sari was a beautiful gold and red beaded ensemble( created by her aunt in India) that would make Kate Middleton's frock look like something from the bins of Fashion Bug! (no offense Kate)

I can't wait to share pics!! It was beautiful I was honored and I can't wait to show off the beauty of another culture!!